Wavespace is EY’s new innovation centre located at the heart of its main business location on Harcourt Street, Dublin. It is a unique space that enables co-creation by bringing together multi-disciplinary talents in a collaborative work environment that includes a state of the art auditorium, multiple design studios, and an emerging technology lab.

EY wavespace acts as a catalyst that impacts on the environment by increasing the efficiency of industrial processes.

The main concept is based on the human role and its development through innovation with the use of technology from a business lens. The linking element in all the graphics is the evolution from the past to the future.

We included RPA, AI, Data analytics, Internet of Things elements as building blocks of the artwork.


Vision was commissioned to create visuals on both the new auditorium as well as the Lab area and Training room and stair cores, lift lobby and reception.

Vision’s approach to the project was to create a visual language that would be used to give consistency across the five different areas, adding value and showing the impact of innovation in our society in an artistic and unique way.


Manuela Greco helped the Design Team create the early concepts for the project.

Her work added personality, bespoke design and the human factor to computer generated imagery. Her pencil sketches and drawings were presented to the client to get feedback on the preferred direction. That allowed the creative process to move forward.


This is the phase where collaboration started. In line with the client’s feedback and direction, Manuela’s drawings were incorporated into the Design Team's designs to create finished pieces.


The production team took care of prepping

the final artwork dividing the design into panels that fit in the printer size and are easy to handle to transport and fit.

On this project we used printed vinyl colour and white ink, cut out frosted vinyl, wall paper and printed matt vinyl.


The installation team was coordinated on site with the other teams that were working on the project so as soon as the area was ready they could finalise the work.

Some graphics in the reception were printed on fabric to create a set of lightboxes. A double layer of vinyl was fitted on some glass partition using printed vinyl on one side and dichroic vinyl on the back.

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